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XDEEP NX Zen Deluxe Single Tank BCD

XDEEP NX Zen Deluxe Single Tank BCD


NX ZEN Deluxe
Inspired by a love of diving, engineered for maximum performance!
We may dive for different reasons, but whatever inspires us to go underwater, our gear must add to the enjoyment. NX ZEN is the next generation scuba diving BCD that implements meticulous design, advanced materials, and expertise of world renowned divers to make you feel as one with the aquatic world.

Jump on any dive boat in the last 20 years and every BCD you see will be a slight variation on a theme. The NX ZEN is the result of our passion to break from that tradition and chase for improvement, from what works into what performs at a previously unheard level.
NX ZEN is stable, comfortable, and ergonomic BCD.

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